Artists Day Off

Artist’s Day Off: Purging

For most artists, Monday is an off day after a long weekend.  Even if you have a “day” job, you’re likely not attending to your craft today.  Whichever “weekend” day it is, spend a little time regrouping or catching up.  Here we are!




A little self care…

I’m in the middle of a move.  It’s hard. I hate moving – it has always been my least favorite past time. One of the reasons is because I have to face memories I thought I put away. 


The cool thing about the move is I am coming across resumes, awards, certificates and records of my past accomplishments that were such milestones at the time. I remember thinking how hard they were to make through.  I remember thinking those were the highest spaces I could reach.  Now, I’m much farther along.


The reminder has been a source of affirmation for me in setting goals for my next steps.


So this week, my self-care is purging the things I do not need for the next step, which includes clothes, extra drafts of plays and things that may clutter up the possibilities.   I am also compiling my past wins and memories so that I have good encouragement for the future!  At the very minimum, I can accomplish what has already been done.


Some little wins

A little plan of action…

This week, I encourage you to take a look at your artistic accomplishments to remind you of how far you’ve come. Was it an internship? Your first paint sold? A reading of your play? That role you always wanted? Feel free to share with me what is was.


Be good to yourselves!




Amina McIntyre