Midweek Ministry: Curating Prayer Spaces


Last year, I discovered my love of creating prayer spaces. These are meditation and calming spaces where we can center and commune with G-d. These spaces are a sanctuary - a physical retreat in your own home or conference space.

In a time where we move so much and are so busy, there’s something about having a space to sit, pray, meditate or have time to get in touch with our inner sacred. As I myself am ending my transition period (it’s taken so many months for me to resettle after my return from Austin – more on that in a different post), I’ve relied more and more on making quiet time to reflect and be at peace.

In creating retreat spaces, sometimes it just a matter of having one in your home or at a conference.

I’m planning to create a prayer nook in my home where I can have my own prayer notes. Today, I’ll share the before pictures. Over the next few weeks, I’ll also drop a few hints for creating your own prayer space whether at home or at a conference.

Prayer Nook 3.jpg

Just a little bit of work to handle. I’ll start by cleaning it out and purifying the space. More on that next week!

Amina McIntyre