The newness!

As I start to write much more, I’m going to share more about my adventures. The truth is between writing, editing, and ministry, I get to travel and daily discover new gifts. Starting in April, here’s what’s going on.

Monday - Artist’s Day off. There are so many things artists need to do to renew themselves, and Mondays are often the only time we’re able to do so. Join me for this reflection of artists downtime activities

Tuesdays - Creatives Playground. I’ll share snippets of scenes I’m working (of every genre). If I’m reading or watching anything profound, you’ll get my reaction here.

Wednesday - A midweek ministry day. I’ll be tracking my progress of my personal prayer room and other prayer spaces.

Thursday - Travel Tracker - Thursday is the best day to buy plane tickets so I’ll share places I’ve been and other travel reflections on this day

Friday - Freelance Friday.

Seems like a lot, but it’s all in a day’s work. Honestly, I’m pretty excited to share my writing with you. Besides, there are plenty of pictures on my phone I need to share with folks, too, so…join me in my Musings.

Amina McIntyre