Artists' Day Off

Artist’s Day Off

For most artists, Monday is an off day after a long weekend.  Even if you have a “day” job, you’re likely not attending to your craft today.  Whichever “weekend” day it is, spend a little time regrouping or catching up.  Here we are!


A little self care…

I’m a workaholic. With my hands in so many things that I often don't take enough time out to sleep. But I can’t create if I’m not resting.  You can’t create if you are not resting! We’ll burn out, get overwhelmed or want to quit.  A great way of avoiding this is by intentionally managing our energy.


This week, ask yourself, when are you sleeping? Are you getting a restful sleep or just two or three hours? How much sleep do you need to work to your maximum potential? How can you get your sleep schedule on target?


A little win…

All wins count. This past week, I finished two short plays, coached a few clients, decided to make sure to put out a newsletter for everyone on the list. They all seem very small in comparison – the plays aren’t full length, only under 5 pages.  The calls were with current clients, even though I’m adding a new one.  The newsletter


What are your wins for the week? Did you register for a workshop or finish a piece?  Did you finally order the one tool you need?

A little plan of action…

On our day off, in addition to rewarding yourself with self-care, reward yourself with recommitting to your craft.  What is the one thing you to do for your craft this week?   Write it down and place sometime in your calendar to get it accomplished!

 Be good to yourselves!