Midweek Ministry: Curating Prayer Spaces Part 1: Purification

Recently, I’ve been able to curate a few prayer/sacred spaces for groups in conferences and retreats. The feedback has been insightful and humbling, but also I’ve receive many questions about how to duplicate these spaces.   I’m by no means an expert, but here are a few hints and tips on creating these spaces.

What is a prayer room?

A prayer room/space is a sacred quiet area designated for prayer, meditation, reflection, discernment, and listening. They are typically off to the side away from the larger traffic and energy of the house/business/conference, and there is an intentional protective space here.  The prayer room is a place to celebrate and leave petitions; it can be a place to have a breakthrough or be empowered. The prayer room may also be a place to decompress (especially for introverts and those who must put out a lot of energy on a regular basis). Each room is different and is catered to the needs of the individual or conference.

1)    Pray

It seems to go without saying, but we never assume. A prayer space is a place of worship and if you're creating the space, prayer should be a part of every conversation or thought to setting up the room. More importantly, curators must remember the responsibility of caring for the persons who will engage in and with the room.  From the inception to set up to break down, pray at all stages of the creation.

Prayer room Blue Print for St. James UMC

Prayer room Blue Print for St. James UMC

LiT Conference Prayer Room entrance.jpg

This week, I cleaned and purified my room. Some use candles, some use simple water. I wanted to use something a little more intentional, an incense. Mine of choice is Palo Santo, which literally means, “holy wood”. Palo Santo is in the frankincense family, works to shift your energy, clearing heightened emotions and healing physical conditions. Like frankincense and myrrh, it purifies, yet instead of a loud, dominating smell and clouds, palo santo leaves the room with a sweet, sticky, sappy smell.

Amina McIntyre