For Theater

On the Third Day

(3M, 2W)

The Lansing family suffered a tragic loss three years ago when their eldest son and oldest brother, Nate Jr., was killed. Now, they must come together to decide the fate of the two men who shot him—and the fate of their fractured family, as well.  This play explores loss, guilt, and the power of ritual in one Atlanta family’s collision with the justice system.

For Church

In the Midst

(3 Minutes; 1 W, 2M, 1N)

A modern interpretation of Paul and Silas escaping from jail. To be done as part of worship/in lieu of scripture lesson.

Real Households of Genesis

(5 Minutes )

Later in life, Jacob, Leah and Rachel are working out their issues after the epic betrayal during the

Living Right

(One Act. Large Cast)

Samarra has it all: a wonderful job, house, a man who loves her and a daughter she loves beyond reason.  That is until Samarra encounters a mysterious man who shows her a new life.  Their interlude causes a ripple effect in her home and community, causing everyone to consider just how “right” they are living.  Woven together with music and dance, this as a modern take on biblical stories is an event not to be missed!